Fast game for situations when you are even

You need five pins. Put them in a row at a range of 3,5 meters from the Mölkkframe so that first you have a pin number 6, then 4, 12, 10 and 8. Between each pin there is a distance which is the same as the length of a throwing skittle (Mölkky) = 225 mm. The score is count in the same way as in regular Mölkky, two fallen pins means two points, single pin gives as many points as the number shows etc.

Each player in a team throws once and the total amount of points collected gives the result.

After first round, if the points are still even, you continue playing Mölkout one by one. At this point, you change the starting turn, too. If the game is still even, you go on changing the starting turn and throwing one by one as long as you have a winner.

There are many versions of Mölkout, but it’s important to remember, that you must change the starting turn always when a round is finished, despite how many throws one round contains.




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