The nobility of Mölkky:


Since 2006 FIMA has published The Nobility Society of Mölkky. Nominated persons will get a diploma and their names will be printed in the Honorary Table.


Government can nominate a person, by itself or after a suggestion from a member association, to The Nobility Society with very heavy reasons in honour of long term and meritorious work with Mölkky.




1 Kimmo Turtia Sahtikka
2 Antti Ahonen Pulska
3 Hannu Nipuli Etelä-Hämeen Ns. Liitto
4 Juha Semeri Etelä-Hämeen Ns. Liitto
5 Jarmo "Jake" Ropponen Lahden Kortteliliiga
6 Jari Jokinen Lahden Kortteliliiga
7 Matti Lehtonen Lahden Kortteliliiga
8 Kalevi Pohjola Lahden Kortteliliiga
9 Tuomo Jantunen Pirtin Tikka
10 Leena Jantunen Pirtin Tikka



11 Pentti Kansanen  
12 Kyösti Lintunen  



13    Arja "Amalia" Koskinen



14   Fabian Schömann, France

15   Christophe Saiget, France

16   Pekka Kotiaho, Finland



17   Suvi Soini



18   Sampo Hägg




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